“When you meet the man and start to engage in a conversation, to me, without question, regardless of the room he walks into, he’s, if not the smartest guy in the room, he’s one of them.”

~ Steven Mitchell, Ashland Selectmen


"I have represented dozens of Massachusetts Towns in hundreds of lawsuits. When I met Kimo, the Town of Ashland had more legal trouble than I had ever seen. Once he took over as Town Manager, he demonstrated that his courage and leadership skills were unparalleled. He turned things completely around.  I truly admire him."

~ Leonard H. Kesten, Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten LLP


"I have worked with Tony and have seen him solve multi level government problems leaving all involved feeling like they contributed to a resolution that best benefits the community. He leads from the front in getting things done while instilling in others the desire to constantly improve. Tony’s military leadership accomplishments and demonstrated local government success position him perfectly to represent the citizens the Cape”

~ Steve Doherty, Former Police Chief Wakefield, MA


“Kimo is without a doubt the best wing commander I have ever interacted with in my 27 years of military experience, I have never met a guy who can multitask the way he can. Every organization he’s been in, he’s made it better than when he got it. He elevates everyone’s performance.”

~ Brigadier General Gary Keefe



“No better person, no greater depth of knowledge on all the inner workings of how all the rules, laws, regulations combine into making this place tic than Col. Schiavi.”

~ Maj. Gen L. Scott Rice, 102nd IW Change of Command Speech


“On assuming the job of Ashland Town Manager, Tony energized Town Hall. He reached out to all of the Town Boards, Departments and Committees with enthusiasm to move Ashland forward. Tony's approach is full compliance with laws, ethics and positive attitude. Fix the problems and move forward! In the years as Town Manager, Ashland's government made positive improvements In all aspects of service to it's citizens. Tony reached out to diverse residents of Ashland to participate as employees and volunteers.”

~ Tom McNulty, Ashland Resident & Member of Zoning Board of Appeals


“General Schiavi is a proven leader! A true visionary, an experienced and highly effective strategist with recognized accomplishments to back this up. He continues to impress me in every office he has held; I am proud to have served with him.”

~ Monica Degnan, Chief Master Sergeant (Ret.)


“Anthony Schiavi is a man that has shown me how a true leader displays integrity.  He provided me an opportunity to prove myself and inspired me to stand for the truth even if unpopular.  His duties and responsibilities as Town Manager and his military career provide him with the vast experience to represent the citizens of the Cape and Islands.  His accomplishments are many and distinguished.  The resume only shows a glimpse into this public servant, but when you truly know the man you can’t help but to be in awe. I can’t think of anyone more charged and aware of the issues affecting our local villages to take on the roll of State Senate for the Cape and Islands.”

~ Christine A. Lazarescu-Lang, CMSgt (Ret.)



"It is so wonderful to see that the best candidate for the Cape & Islands State Senate has so much experience, not only protecting all citizens of the US with his Air Force experience and leadership, but also his vast experience throughout Massachusetts with several different Towns, Committees, groups and GOP leaders. We need a well rounded leader, specifically Tony, to serve the people of the district!"

~ David S., Resident



"Mr Tony Kimo Schiavi for State Senate. We need strong leadership here on Cape Cod and Tony will provide that leadership. So Ladies and Gentleman, let's help Tony get elected so he can provide us with common sense leadership.”

~ Forrest T., Resident


"Brigadier General Schiavi is a proven leader. I’ve known him for 20 years and had the opportunity to work directly for him during the last six years of my military career.  Working for him provided me the rare opportunity to work for an accomplished leader but more importantly, a mentor and coach.  He always challenged his leadership team to perform at the highest level.  He’s a good listener, a great motivator and a person who exemplified our Air Force Core Values; Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in all we do.  I’ve witnessed his limitless drive at the base, state and national level.  He was a tireless advocate for the men and women under his command and will be the same for his constituency when elected as your State Senator."

~ Wayne M. Raymondo, CMSgt (ret)



~ by Ashland Board of Selectmen



• Tony’s greatest asset is his ability to look at all aspects of a situation before coming to a conclusion and taking necessary action.

• Tony’s professional approach and attitude is corner-stoned with honest and ethical behavior. The benefits of his personal characteristics he brings to his position are clearly evident to the BOS and the citizen’s of Ashland.

• Tony does not “play games”, he is open with information and acts fairly in all situations.

• Able to address and handle the pressures of stressful situations.


• Non-traditional candidate but came with a skill-set that translates directly to municipal government.

• Accepting this position, with the many issues awaiting his attention, Mr. Schiavi has demonstrated a level of professionalism needed to correct, resolve and begin a healing process needed for the town to believe in its self again.

• Tony attends the monthly managers meetings to gain more knowledge in the field of municipal management.


• Tony responds to citizens concerns and meets with them when necessary.

• Tony has brought a fresh excitement to his position that shows in his engagement with the community.

• Mr. Schiavi does not sit behind his desk at town hall, he’s a “hands on” town manager and I like this attribute about Mr. Schiavi.

• Places high value and importance on public relations-works hard to insure accurate reporting and positive representation for Ashland.


• Tony has clearly engaged the community with every available opportunity.

• Tony’s Town Manager coin program has been an example of his ability to bring recognition to volunteers and other community members and improve communications across the various groups that interact with Town Government.

• Mr. Schiavi has always kept the line of communication open and alive between our state and federal legislators.


• Secured grant for performance management review of departments.

• Focus  on department manager ownership.

• Mr. Schiavi is a true leader, who leads by example, I am sure his military background has had much shaping Mr. Schiavi’s management style.

• Hired new Ashland Police Chief; maintained the timeline and was publicly announced the first week of September. Process as open, and transparent utilizing both a Citizen Screening Committee, Public Survey (with excellent response) and final interviews open to the public.


• Does not appear to be a micro-manager — supports staff to take ownership and control.

• Tony effected the contracting with the Collins Center of UMass to perform our HR study and timeline on track to roll out in the January 2014 timeframe.

• Mr. Schiavi demonstrated over the past ten months his ability to lead, delegate work, and work with Town Unions negotiations of contracts during difficult monetary times.


• Mr. Schiavi’s first and most important hiring was his assistant town manager, Mr. Michael Herbert. Mr. Schiavi surrounded himself with the most highly trained, intelligent financial director the town has seen in many years.

• Grants secured have a direct impact on budget-performance management, sustainability, and infrastructure.

• Worked with Finance Committee to re-tool the town’s budget presentation with ATM.

• I believe that this is an area that Tony will excel has he has laid the groundwork to be very successful.


• Commissioned study on Wastewater Treatment Plant. Created and implemented Board and Committee Database as well as an online meeting notice/agenda posting.

• Mr. Schiavi is working to develop the town’s ability to receive state and federal grants to enhance the town’s infrastructure.

• This is an area that Tony excels in.

• Committed to utilizing new technologies for communications.


• Tony’s Strategic priorities, goals, and objectives for Fiscal years 2013-2016 has established the path forward for the Town of Ashland.

• Tony keeps a running list of issues, objectives and goals that he manages and keeps the board up to date on.

• Combined facilities department

• This being Mr. Schiavi’s first year as Ashland’s Town Manager, the expectations from the Board was high. I truly believe his expectations were just as high.



~ by Ashland Board of Selectmen


• Tony's personal code of behavior and conduct is represented in all dealings with residents and staff.

• Tony is very creative and has, with the assistance of the Assistant Town Manager, created some out of the box ideas when dealing with funding for Ashland. Tony pushes himself and his staff to be creative when dealing with issues as they are presented.

• Tony's strongest skill is the ability to get to the facts and make a decision based on them.

• Tony treats everyone equally and deals with important matters as they arise, not allowing for rumors and other untruths to develop before acting.


• Tony allows time for everyone who needs to speak with him regarding town issues, no matter how small or large the matter may be.

• Tony Continues to educate himself about municipal government and in my opinion has made great strides on this front.

• In his 2nd year as Town Manager, Tony has shown a continued growth in his professional knowledge and expertise.


• Tony continues to be a positive presence, participates in many local events and functions and offers much time to citizen engagement regardless of request.

• Tony also is working to improve the town's website so that it helps get information out and available to Ashland and other users.

• Tony has brought some very positive changes in these areas.

• Tony excels in providing  the citizenry of Ashland current information on all important  issues  concerning the town, its budget process, bond ratings, water and sewer issues, Fire and Police  and DPW matters.


• Tony keeps all channels of communication open as it pertains to the B.O.S.

• Tony continues to work on reviewing existing policies and has brought forward positive suggestions for change.

• Tony follows' through on policies updated by the board.

• Tony has consistently provided the BoS with his goals and objectives.


• Tony has demonstrated a commitment to communications both within and without Ashland, particularly with other communities and state agencies. We have had numerous successes with obtaining grants and funding.

• Tony supports the various volunteer committees and encourages the members to continue working for the good of Ashland.

• Tony continues to work hard at connecting with the community.

• Tony is extremely approachable by everyone.


• Tony needs to delegate more tasks to his staff, freeing up time for other matters of concern.

• He has had to deal with some personnel changes and seems to be working towards team building with new appointments.

• Tony needs to continue to review Town Hall organizational changes particularly in relation to economic development services, IT services and facilities. The need for a dedicated HR department should be priority #1.

• Tony respects the work done by the department heads


• Our priority need is dedicated HR department and this should be on of Tony’s primary goals for this next year. This cannot be over-emphasized.

• Tony has worked effectively with personnel on some difficult areas like the move to the GIC.

• in this field, I would say without question Tony does take the necessary action to resolve negative matters in a timely fashion, he surely maintains a positive employee relation.


• Tony has made great progress in this area bringing the budget process in line with the expectations of the charter.

• Tony with the assistance of Mike Herbert our Asst Town manager has been updating and revising the town’s budget process.

• As the Town moves forward, all opportunities for revenue growth should be evaluated as well as evaluating the cost of municipal service relative to development.


• I see operations and infrastructure as one of Tony's primary strengths. He has been creative with new opportunities for residents to interact.

• Tony is always looking for ways to improve effectiveness and efficiency of how things get done in town.

• Facing difficult budget restraints, Tony is somewhat limited in expanding Town services as well as its infrastructure.

• Tony has established the capital improvement committee which has brought a clearer picture to the needs relating to the towns infrastructure


• Tony has put together a detailed list of goals and objectives and has worked hard to accomplish them.

• Tony has shown his leadership skills in this area of planning and organizational skills.

• Overall Tony does very well in this category.

• Better use of staff through department reorganizations demonstrates to taxpayers that there is a commitment to improving and streamlining the organization.


• A review of Tony's 1/20/15 Goals and Objectives Update reflects his commitment, work ethic, recruitment and staff development for the betterment of Ashland.

• Overall I think Tony Exceeds Job Standards. After two years on the job he has improved greatly. There is still room for growth and that will come with more experience on the job.

• Tony's commitment to this town is very evident by all of his actions at work and as a town citizen.

• Tony's commitment to this town extends way beyond the job of Town Manager.

• Tony continues to grow as a town manager and I feel he will continue to make Ashland a better place to live


• Works to understand a subject to the fullest extent and then executes appropriate actions. Organizational Skills; has consistent list of goals and objectives

• Preparedness on major topic and issues to town matters

• Tony's commitment to open and transparent governing of Ashland and the preparing of the town's budget.

• Availability to town's people.

• Strong leadership and organizational skills.


• Thinks outside of the box, uses knowledge and experience from previous career to experiment and find ways to increase effectiveness and efficiency within the confines of town government.

• Exemplary personal characteristics

• Strong leadership skill set



~ By Maj. General L. Scott Rice

“Gold Standard of Leadership - dogged & unbending pursuit of excellence; led Intelligence Wing to #1 of 89 Air National Guard Wings in Inspections & Retention”

Detailed/focused Leadership provided >200 trained & lethal Airmen supporting multiple combat threats.”

“Unflappable - Articulated impressive Wing Vision despite FY13 cuts to the Wing; his Airmen working harder than ever!”

“Consensus builder on tough subjects - developing highly credible Courses of Action with Joint Base Partners to share Base Operating Support; will save millions

“Innovative & forward looking - Domestic Operations, Master Planning, land use initiatives or Leadership Development; he’s my first call!”

“#1 out of 37 Colonels in the 9,000 member MA Air National Guard, Leader with unbounded resolve & steadfast commitment to success; select joint commander now.”



~ By Brig. General Gary W. Keefe

Governor’s top choice as 1st Executive Director of the Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR); a USCG, USAF, Air National Guard and Army National Guard joint installation.”

Visionary; established Northeast’s only Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Operational, Test & Evaluation Center allowing both military & civilian UAS testing on MMR.”

Led Joint Energy Committee’s renewable energy projects; base’s 6 MW solar array will secure energy independence.”

Spearheaded DoD’s Office of Economic Adjustment Joint Land Use Study Phase 2; ensured mission success while minimizing any impacts to the community.”

“Dynamic Joint Task Force Commander during Hurricane Sandy, Winter Storm Nemo & Boston Marathon Bombings.”

Without peer; MA Air National Guard #1 officer and Leader; qualified, ready and deserving of state and national level command!”



~ By Maj. General Joseph C. Carter

Roaring Start! Handpicked Program Manager for $1.3B AF/Boeing program; Company Grade Officer of the Quarter and Year, ‘Detachments Finest Company Grade Officer’ - Division Chief.”

Record setting career - Undergraduate Pilot Training and Weapons School Distinguished Graduate, Mig Killer, 2x Operational Readiness Inspection and 4x No Notice Alert Evaluations ALL rated Outstanding! 99+% on 1st Intelligence Wing Unit Compliance Inspection.

“Combat Warrior + Leader; Desert Storm/Operation Northern Watch/Operation Southern Watch… led F-15 response to 9/11 attacks; filled U.S. skies with armed fighters in hours!”

Selected early for tough assignment; F-15 Operations Group Commander as Major; “inspired leadership in turbulent times, above peers” MA Air National Guard/Commander.”

Pillar of Hope - masterfully guided the Wing during post Base Realignment and Closure era; led 1K+ airmen through intricate maze of mission/personnel actions.”

Shrewd visionary; complex Wing Master Plan solved years ahead of schedule - procured $35M in Military Construction & $3M in Demolition.”

Highly Visible & Involved Leader; expertly handled F-15 closeout and new mission stand up at same time; no mishaps & high morale.”

A Superstar!, ‘my #1 Advisor and top 06 in my command’ - 2x MA Air National Guard Commanders; puts Mission & Airmen First; MANG Mentor of the Year.”

2nd-to-none Senior Leader! Skill & depth of experience makes him key to my future Joint team - Definitely Promote!”




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